Haydyn Wynter

Kai Martin

Simon Long

Arthur Akbulatov

Evan Sharp

Georgia Disckson


Rory Savjord

Tasman Forster

Will Hudson

Xavier Charbonneau

What this website is

Coding at Coast Mountain Academy is focused on empowering students to feel the creative possibilities of computer programming, while giving them seeds of learning which they can develop if they choose.
This website is a public showcase of their work.

All students at CMA learn the basics of website creation: writing HTML & CSS and get an introduction to concepts like variables, functions, loops, and logic. Some students take on the additional challenge of senior elective programming courses, which allow them to pursue more advanced concepts through the building of database-driven web applications.

Each student's webspace is both a publishing platform, and a live development medium. Since they could be working on it at any time, websites may break, look odd, or just disappear - even while you are browsing them.

If you would like know more about coding at Coast Mountain Academy, please get in touch with the school at http://coastmountainacademy.ca